Shoo Fly! Fly Sheets on the Way

Fly season has arrived! Since my young horses are now outside 24/7 we decided it was time to get them fly sheets. I have two of the Weatherbeeta Airflow Fly Sheets for two of my other horses. Live and learn, I did not get the neck covers with them and unfortunately Weatherbeeta does not sell them separately anymore. I really like these sheets though, so I ordered two of the Weatherbeeta Airflow Fly Sheets with the Detach-A-Neck from Equus Now!

Wetherbeeta Airflow Fly Sheet

Love that these are white and they offer UV protection. Also, my horses do not get hot in them! The sheets are really soft and they have a belly band which I noticed a lot of other brands aren’t using.

Has anyone else used these sheets? What is your take on them?

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