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Full Cheek Snaffle for Dressage Work: Yes or No?

I’m sure you all know by now, that the clinic I attended last month with Dolly Hannon was a huge learning experience for me. Today, while I was thinking about bits, I remembered Dolly talking about full cheek snaffles. Her take, is that the cheek piece of the full cheek prohibit the bit from moving freely in the horses mouth which keeps the horse from chewing and excepting contact. I had not really thought of this before as I have never ridden a horse in a full cheek.

What are your thoughts on using a full cheek snaffle in dressage work?
What are your thoughts on using a full cheek snaffle in dressage work?

I Googled the full cheek snaffle and what I found was that the bit is indeed constructed to keep the bit from moving through the mouth and is an excellent choice for those horses that need extra assistance in turning and is a popular choice of hunter riders. In order to assist in turning the horse, the bit works by applying indirect pressure to the opposite side of the mouth when a direct rein aid is given.

What do you think? I am interested to hear everyone’s take on this. Does the bit work for you and your horse?

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The Only XC Boot for Me and My Horses

Memphis and I at the 2014 Winona HT
Memphis sporting his Boyd Martin XC Boots at the 2014 Winona HT

Face it, there are A LOT of boots out there to choose from when looking for the best protection for your horse. Materials range from synthetic to leather and materials can be breathable or not breathable. The choices are endless.

When I set out to find the perfect boot for Memphis, I was completely overwhelmed with the variety out there and didn’t want to waste my money on something that wasn’t going to work for him. At only 15.2 hands and fined boned with large fetlocks, he isn’t an easy fit.

The first boot I finally ordered and tried were the Dalmar boots. These are a lovely xc boots, well made and offer great protection…BUT…after one use of these they rubbed sores on all 4 of his legs. I felt TERRIBLE! Now, it was no fault of the boot – they simply aren’t made small enough for fine boned horses. I have heard great things about these boots for horses that were not fined boned, but these obviously weren’t the boot for Memphis.

I continued my research and landed on the boot made by Majyk Equipe – better known as the Boyd Martin XC Boot. I watched the informational video ( regarding the boot before purchasing. The medium size proclaimed to fit horses from 15 hands to 17 Hands. The large size made for those horses 17+ hands. The boots were said to be water resistant and designed to help cool the leg.

I ordered the boot hoping for the best. When the boots arrived I watched the video again before trying them on Memphis. I was a little confused with the placement of the boot on the leg, but soon figured it out. It’s important when applying the boot that you position the strike guard in the appropriate position. (See the video link above).  The boots had a bit of overlap on his fine bones – but this did not create any pressure points as the boot is designed to overlap if need be. I also found that they adjusted nicely to compensate for his larger fetlocks. After the first XC school in these boots I was HOOKED. The boots did not slip, they did not rub, they did not shift and even though I had schooled the water complex they were not sodden and heavy with water!  The boots easily rinse clean and then hang dry. For me, these boots lived up to the hype and gave me an added confidence when running XC that Memphis was getting the best protection I could provide him.

I give these boots two thumbs up and plan to purchase (i.e. beg for them at my birthday and Christmas!) for my young horse when he begins his eventing career. For more info on where to buy, you can check out Majyk Equipe here Pricing is  MSRP $89.99 Front, MSRP $99.99 Hind

 by Majyk Equipe
by Majyk Equipe

My FAVORITE alternative to Polo Wraps – Equilibrium Flat Wraps

We all know that there is no such thing as a quick trip to the barn. By the time you tack up, ride, cool your horse and untack your barn adventure easily turns in to a 2 hour ordeal. One thing I have found that speeds up my tacking and untacking process are the flat wraps by Equilibrium .

Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wraps
Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wraps

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE LOVE these wraps. I want sets for ALL my horses!!

Memphis wearing a set of the white Equilibrium Flatwork Wraps.

My horse, Memphis, has a forelimb deformity. He is pictured here. I have found that polos were just too bulky for him as he interferes. The wraps in the photo lasted him 2 years! For a horse that interferes as much as he does, this was an EXCEPTIONAL buy for me. What I love about these wraps for him, is that they are thin, easy on and off and they offer a bit of cushioning to keep him from cutting the inside of his fetlocks when he interferes.   I replaced this set with a black pair when they finally wore out.  For a horse that does not interfere, I believe you will get several years of use out of this wrap. Since Memphis is shod, he eventually just tore holes in them. His deformity and interference is severe, I HIGHLY doubt that another horse would be able to wear these out.

I also have a full set of these in black for my young horse, Renatus. He is almost 4 years old, and as a young gangly baby, these wraps are just the ticket to keep him from cutting himself when he gets tangled up in his own legs.. He has had his wraps for over a year now and they show no signs of wear. In fact, when I wash them up they look practically new.

These wraps do require hand washing. However,  warm water and a mild soap does the job. My first set were white and they stayed pretty white as I washed them about once a week. When I got Memphis his new set, I did get black and the same for Renatus. It really just boils down to your personal preference.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to polos or just want an easy to use wrap that LASTS (i.e. lasted 2 years for a horse who has extreme interference) then this wrap could be what you are looking for. They come in black or white and run from S to XL. The wraps are made of breathable Stomatex and run $92.00 for a set of 2, but I have found they pay for themselves. (Especially with Memphis who can get open wounds from interfering when he doesn’t wear his wraps).  Like all amateur riders, I have to be careful with my dollars. I buy one set at a time as I have extra money. Each pair I have purchased have been of the same high quality. Can’t say enough good things about them.

You can, of course, get them at Equus Now! and they ship for free with coupon code EQUUS at check out.